The National Day of Joy is June 29, 2022


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We created the National Day of Joy in 2019 because our decades of helping seniors with our unique brand of uplifting in-home care shows us that a daily dose of joy can truly work wonders. No matter how old you are, finding joy in even the simplest everyday moments is scientifically proven to help improve and maintain overall wellness, including physical and mental health. That's worth celebrating, right? We thought so.

So, to make sure everyone has at least one day a year devoted to experiencing and sharing joy, we registered the last Wednesday in June each year as The National Day of Joy with the National Day Archives. Please plan to join us each year by doing your part to bring more joy into the world.

Founded by Comfort Keepers

2021 National State of Joy Survey Results
What Brings Us Joy?

Day of Joy Infographic

We asked thousands of Americans in different regions of the country, what brings them the most joy in our National State of Joy Survey.

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Uplifting In-Home Care

We help seniors live safely and independently at home while incorporating joy, purpose, and dignity into their daily activities. Our friendly companionship and personal care services are provided by caregivers who make joy our calling card by transforming the routine into the extraordinary. Our goal is to rekindle the spark in everyone by creating opportunities for them to find fulfillment and shine, whatever that means to them and their families.

Find Joyful Care Near You
Find Joyful Care Near You

Comfort Keepers National Day of Joy

Annually the last Wednesday in June

We believe in celebrating moments of joy every day. Start today by sharing something that brought you joy this week, and encourage your loved ones to do the same. Comment below to share a moment that made you smile - we all need some positivity!

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